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Merlin's Shakespeare Series & Carol Ann Douglas

One of the genres that I love the most are retellings and reimaginings of older stories! Authors always find a way to put a new twist on things that makes them fun and interesting for readers. Well, I'd say that's definitely the case for Carol Ann Douglas' duology Merlin's Shakespeare and The Mercutio Problem. These books throw together a modern high school girl with the tales of Camelot and Shakespeare for some fun adventures...and I loved it!

In the first book, Merlin's Shakespeare Beth Owens is a high school girl who loves to act. One day she discovers that her words have magical powers but she struggles to use them. Merlin transports her back in time to the London of Shakespeare's time and even the world of his characters in order to search for a missing play about King Arthur. She meets many characters that come from these plays like Mercutio who guides her in her adventure and Richard III who plays the villain in Beth's tale but also the Macbeths, Rome…

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