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The Pursuit of Endurance and the Power of Women

In this book review, I plan on discussing two of the non-fiction books I've read recently. I was feeling in the mood for some books about adventure and the great outdoors and found these recommended on a women's hiking website.

The first book I read was The Pursuit of Endurance: Harnessing the Record-Breaking Power of Strength and Resilience. This is the story of Jennifer Pharr Davis and her record of the FTK (fastest known time) on the Appalachian Trail. She tells stories of those who set the record before her as well as after. She includes funny anecdotes, training ideas, and research that supports endurance sports like thru-hiking and ultramarathons. She also dips into the idea that women can succeed just as much as men in setting these types of records and how our bodies react when pushed to the limits.

I loved so many of the hilarious anecdotes that she shared about her time on the trails (like the time she had to steal her husbands pants and make him walk back to the car…

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